Severe Storms Cause Catastrophic Flooding in Northeast US

Historic Flooding

Severe storms in the Northeast US have caused catastrophic flooding in New York, surpassing levels seen during Hurricane Irene in 2011.

Evacuations and Emergency Response

The storm system has led to evacuations, road closures, and water rescues in Vermont and New York. President Biden declared a state of emergency, providing federal assistance.

Widespread Impact and Climate Change

Millions are under flood watches and warnings. Heavy rainfall and flooding have caused significant damage. More rainfall is expected, increasing the risk of further flooding.

Stay Informed and Act Early

Stay updated on weather alerts and flood warnings. Avoid walking or driving through flooded areas, as it's challenging to determine the depth and strength of the water.

Vehicle Damage due to Flooding

In case of vehicle damage due to flooding, contact your auto insurance provider to report the claim and follow their instructions for assessment and repairs.

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