These 5 areas are often the biggest problems within an organizations benefit offering.

Let’s break it down and customize it to you.


Using technology as a tool to help increase comprehension as well as ease of administration. Working with you to understand the unique needs of your company to make sure the technology is accessible and easy to use.


Is Key! Frequent and in multiple formats. Making sure that all learning styles are addressed. No one size fits all communication here. Communication needs to happen more than just at open enrollment! In fact I would argue that open enrollment is one of the worst times to fully educate your team on the full capabilities of their benefits program.


Doesn’t have to be a bad word. We LOVE compliance so you don’t have to. Making sure we not only address your current compliance needs but set up a regular review to ensure you are always up to date with the ever changing landscape that is compliance.


Is GOLD. Using data to help drive decisions on benefit offerings and communication. You have a wealth of information that does no good in a report that gets filed away.


Enrollment doesn’t need to consume your HR teams desk. Setting up the proper communication, technology, and workflow will make all enrollment a non-event.

The Pathway Process

This Process is based on two primary objectives: Determining an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities; and to use this information to create a targeted risk management and coverage solution for your business.

We evaluate your company’s infrastructure, organization, and operations to determine which threats are generating the most costs for your business. From there, we develop a risk management plan that leverages your company’s strengths and opportunities to best eliminate these threats. For the risks that are out of your hands, we create a highly-customized coverage plan to ensure that you are receiving the comprehensive protection that you need at a price that fits your budget.

Let’s Get Transparent

Cost  Quality – In almost every other area of our lives higher cost = better quality. However, this is not the case when it comes to healthcare.

Let’s look at 2 surgeons.

Surgeon A

  • Only operates on knees; she has perfected the craft.
  • She can have you out of surgery in 45 minutes.
  • Only needs a few well trained staff members.
  • Knows exactly what materials she will need.
  • Has an industry low re-admittance rate for post-surgical complications.

Surgeon B

  • Operates on heads, shoulders, knees and toes.
  • He may take over an hour and a half to complete the same surgery.
  • He may also require an extra tech in the room, not knowing what he will need until he is in surgery.
  • He may have ordered some extra supplies just in case.

Who would you pay more to see?

Surgeon A, of course!

You may be surprised to learn that Surgeon A’s knee surgery is less expensive than Surgeon B. Fortunately, the information offered in this example is just a small portion of what we at CIA can teach you and your employees.  When you rely on us to manage your company’s employee benefits program, you can offer your staff the education and tools that they need to make informed, time-saving, and cost-efficient decisions regarding their benefits.

Don’t even get us started on MRI’s! We found 2 different MRI facilities, within 1 mile of each other, running the same test with a $1,200 cost difference!


We understand that you and your employees are investing a lot into your benefits program.  Additionally, we know that you are most likely using your benefit offerings as a means of attracting top talent and retaining your best employees.  This is why we make sure that your staff knows how to use your benefits program and understands all the advantages that it offers them.

*Accomplishing this goal may mean talking about benefits more than just once a year at open enrollment!*

Plan Funding Opportunities

Offering a good employee benefits program requires a financial investment on your company’s part.  This, of course, begs the question, “How are we going to pay for this?” There are a variety of payment options including:

Fully Insured
Partially Self-Funded
Carved Out RX Card

When it comes to developing and managing an effective employee benefits program, it’s important to account for the current and future goals you have for your organization.  To ensure that your program fits into your company’s objectives, please don’t hesitate to contact us to review and discuss your employee benefits needs.

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