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Understanding the Difference Between HO-3 and HO-5 Home Policies

What you need to know about the different coverage levels of HO-3 and HO-5 home insurance policies When it comes to homeowners insurance in Michigan, many people assume that all policies are the same.  However, this isn’t the case.  In fact, there are actually different categories of home insurance that offer various levels of coverage.  For instance, when it comes

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What the State of the Union Address Means for Employee Benefits

How Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Address could affect the employee benefits market. On February 4, 2020, President Donald Trump gave the annual State of the Union Address.  This year, Trump’s speech covered a range of topics that could potentially impact the employee benefits industry.  Curious to learn more?  Then here is a brief overview of how the 2020

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Dispelling Common Misconceptions About the Insurance Industry

Don’t believe these common insurance misconceptions. While most people understand the need to secure different types of insurance, when it comes down to it, the general public knows very little about the world of insurance.  Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge often leads to misunderstandings, and belief in common insurance misconceptions can cause people to make uninformed coverage decisions.  To ensure

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Comparing Professional Liability and Errors and Omissions Insurance

Are these commercial coverages actually different? If you own a company and are looking to secure the right business insurance in Michigan, then you have probably heard about professional liability insurance.  However, you may have also heard this coverage referred to as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance.  But are these types of coverage really the same?  Here’s what business owners

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