Five ways your insurance agent can help in the home-buying process

  Each year, millions of people buy homes. Most know that a realtor and mortgage lender can be a huge help in the process. A little-known secret though, is that an independent agent can be equally valuable in the home-buying process – providing critical information that can help you with your home-buying decisions. Here’s how your independent insurance agent can be

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Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance


Federal Agencies Issue COVID-19 Relief for Employee Benefit Plans

As a consequence of the global pandemic, employers are struggling to provide voluntary benefits plans and profit-sharing bonuses to their employees. Thus, the Department of Treasury and the Department of Labor (DOL) announced relief measures to help the participants and beneficiaries of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. These rules will allow extensions for the deadlines, making it easier for participants

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Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance

In today’s business climate of corporate transparency and accountability, an organization’s officers and directors face a myriad of employment-related exposures. Large corporations and privately held companies, including non-profits, are not exempt from litigation arising out of the management decisions of their boards. Regardless of your company’s size, the legal cost to defend a director is substantial, as are the potential

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Understanding the Difference Between HO-3 and HO-5 Home Policies

What you need to know about the different coverage levels of HO-3 and HO-5 home insurance policies When it comes to homeowners insurance in Michigan, many people assume that all policies are the same.  However, this isn’t the case.  In fact, there are actually different categories of home insurance that offer various levels of coverage.  For instance, when it comes

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