Toxic Hand Sanitizer and Recall Risks

The coronavirus pandemic marked the biggest health concern of 2020, but toxic hand sanitizer risk became alarming as well. The FDA announced in June that methanol (aka wood alcohol) in 9 different hand sanitizers could be harmful to a person’s health. By August, several dozen other toxic hand sanitizers joined the warning list. Manufacturers can protect financial health with appropriate

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Redesigning the Workplace Post COVID to Ensure Maximum Employee Benefits

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many aspects of the workplace. Safety and monetary constraints are among the major changes brought forth by COVID-19. Not only will this impact employee benefits offered by companies, but it will also pave the way for redesigning the office. Employers can consider the following best practices to prevent the spread of future diseases and protect their employees’

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Organizations across the United States are implementing policies to minimize the potential spread of the coronavirus and protect their health. However, it is also pertinent for employers to review their workers’ compensation insurance for COVID- 19 related claims, as the impact on workers’ compensation system will not be uniform across industries. Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rules in Michigan The threshold for COVID- 19 compensability

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OSHA Issues New Guidance to Manage N95 Mask Shortage During COVID- 19

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued interim enforcement guidance regarding respiratory protection, given the nationwide N95 shortage during the COVID- 19 pandemic. Here are some important points to know about the OSHA enforcement guidelines for respiratory protection standards: The new guidelines apply to all industries (including the healthcare industry) and workplaces where the respiratory protection standard (29 CFR § 1910.134)

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Expanding Health Plan Coverage for Employees During COVID-19

As an employer, you can afford better protection for your employees by making specific health plan changes, such as: Offering a mid-year enrollment window to employees who had not opted for a cover in the previous window. Foregoing certain eligibility requirements for employees that have been laid off, such as active service or minimum hours of work. FSAs, HSAs and HRAs

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