Why You Should Review Employee Benefits with Your Staff

Most business owners understand that their employee benefits package is a powerful tool for attracting the best candidates and retaining their current staff members.  This is why they spend so much time and money creating an enticing array of benefits for their employees. However, what’s the point of creating a great employee benefits package if none of your staff know how to take advantage of these perks? To ensure that your staff understands their benefits and how they can access them, you need to educate them about your company’s benefits plan. With active open enrollment season upon us, there’s no time to waste!

Here are some of the reasons why you should review your employee benefits with your staff today.

  • To Emphasize the Value of Your Company-Sponsored Health Plan

    Across all industries, healthcare coverage is the most-requested benefit by employees.  However, not all businesses offer this perk to their staff.  If your company does provide healthcare coverage to its employees, then it’s important to make this fact known.  By showing your staff how they can use your company’s healthcare coverage to care for themselves as well as their families, you can draw their interest.  Not only will this help you attract the best candidates, but it will also help you retain current staff members.

  • To Help Them Make the Most of Their Benefits

    While employees might know that they have certain benefits, they may not know to use them.  For instance, while a staff member might be aware that they have healthcare coverage through your company, they might not know what services are covered.  When you thoroughly explain the individual perks and services included in your employee benefits package, your staff will be more likely to access their coverage. This, in turn, will help them improve their health and wellbeing, creating a more positive work environment for everyone.

  • To Help Them Choose the Right Plan

    If you are like many other business owners, then you allow your employees to select the benefits that they actually want to access.  This flexibility allows your staff to create the right benefits package to meet their individual needs.  By educating your staff on their options and addressing their questions, you can help them choose the benefits that are right for them and their families.  This ensures that your employees are truly maximizing the value of your company’s benefits plan.

  • To Help Them Understand the Terminology

    Health insurance terminology can be confusing for employees. Therefore, educate them about the medical insurance plan so they can understand the difference between HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) and PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans and other health care terms. Explaining all elements of a plan to your employees will help them make an informed decision, and eventually, help you build a long-lasting relationship with them.

  • To Keep Them Informed

    As your employees may forget about the health care terminology or benefits and services included in a particular package, talking about your employee benefits program only during enrollment is not enough. Instead, communicate different segments of your employee benefits program throughout the year to help your employees remember those, making it easier for them during the sign-up process.

  • To Help Them Know How Much Your Organization Contributes

    Offering insurance coverage to employees benefits them immensely, but it implies more costs to the employer. When educating your employees about employee benefits programs, make sure to explain how much your organization contributes to their overall benefits package. This will help them understand how much you are helping them and how valuable your benefits plan is.

These are some of the reasons why you should review your employee benefits with your staff.  Do you need help with creating a comprehensive employee benefits program for your business?  If so, then contact the experts at CIA Insurance and Risk Management.  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your coverage needs today.

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