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MCCA Refunds: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services has developed this FAQ document to help answer questions about upcoming auto insurance refunds. Please use the content below as appropriate for your stakeholders: Why are Michiganders getting auto insurance refunds? Thanks to Michigan’s historic, bipartisan auto insurance reform law passed by the Michigan Legislature and signed by Governor Whitmer in 2019,

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6 Factors That Can Influence Your Auto Insurance Rates

Choosing the right auto insurance policy can be difficult, especially for new car owners. Before you contact your insurer, learn about these six factors that may affect your auto insurance premiums. Your Age Younger and less experienced drivers often pay more compared to old and experienced drivers. If you’re below 25 and lack driving experience, it can be difficult for you

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Identifying the Main Differences Between Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance

How commercial auto insurance protects your business. If you own a car, then you know that you need to secure car insurance.  Well, the same goes for your business.  If your company owns and operates vehicles, then you need to secure commercial auto insurance to protect your company cars and the employees that drive them.  But what makes commercial auto

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